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Baron Chase, aka Bmeister has put together a collection of instrumental tunes that reflect where he's been for the last few years


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"Knee Deep"



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Baron Chase



Baron - I've been playing around with idea of doing a record for sometime now, and decided to go forward with it......

At first the concept of choice as a bass player, was to see how many notes I could fit into a one bar phrase, which left me unamused about making a record.

Then I thought...... why not focus the record around grooves! What a concept...... soooo what kind a grooves? All kinds! Phat stinky ones man with beautiful chord colors and jazz like solos came to mind. Different, and with some ballads too!

So don't lump me into one basket, I could suprise you. I didn't follow the rules about picking a direction because I like so much stuff. Hey I'm an artist, and all I wanted to do was to write a song.



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